Bay Area Hair Transplant – San Francisco Hair Transplant Cost

There is no disputing that fact that a hair transplant surgery is going to set you back a bit. Surgery of any kind comes with non-trivial expense these days. However, we are not going to get into dollars and cents at this point; instead we will consider how to evaluate the benefits of the procedure which are largely intangible, against the hair transplant cost. I think the case can be made that the value proposition is there. Read more


Best Eyebrow Hair Transplants In The Bay Area

Eyebrow hair transplants may not be not your radar–did you know they were even a possibility? Eyebrows can lose their natural full and symmetric appearance for any number of reasons, including accidents with flames, side-effects from other medical treatments, too-aggressive “plucking”, or even just the ageing process. Turns out, not only are eyebrow hair transplants possible, in many cases the original appearance of your eyebrows can be partially or fully restored. Read more


San Francisco Hair Transplant: a Good Option?

Pick up clothes from the cleaners: check. Get provisions for the barbecue tomorrow: check. Have a hair transplant: check? A San Francisco hair transplant may not be quite that simple, but it can be quite close. It is definitely the simplest alternative open to you, and the easiest to integrate into your current routine. Why stress about some distant place to have a hair transplant done, with the extra time away from home and work that might entail, when the very best is right here in your own backyard? Read more


San Francisco Bay Area Hair Transplants, for all Kinds of Hair Loss Causes

In the immortal words of William Jefferson Clinton: I feel your pain. Other people might not. Hair loss, to those not suffering from it, can seem like a minor thing, more an annoyance than a real problem. But if it is your hair is disappearing, you know that hair loss causes a great deal of distress! Read more