Bay Area Hair Transplant Leader, Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces New Review Milestone on Yelp

Foster City, California – June 29, 2017. Silicon Valley Hair Institute, one of the leading hair transplant clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area, is proud to announce a new review milestone on the local review service, Yelp. twelve reviews, including many five-star reviews for hair restoration services have been posted. Read more


The Best San Jose Hair Transplant Office Is In Foster City!

If you are looking for San Jose hair transplant specialists you need to look further afield than San Jose. In fact you need to look at Foster City. Here you will find the finest San Jose hair specialists who are not actually in San Jose. Read more


Want Those Gorgeous Thick Eyebrows? An Eyebrow Transplant Can Help

Many women, and some men, would love to have eyebrows like the film stars do, and now it is possible to have an eyebrow transplant in the Bay Area to achieve that same sexy, gorgeous look.

Eyebrows can be lost for a number of different reasons including a genetic inability to grow eyebrow hair, a similar reason that causes eyebrows to thin gradually over time, some systemic diseases which can affect the thyroid, other infections, repeated plucking, burns, and even tattoos. Read more