The Bay Area Spring Is Coming. It’s Time For That Hair Restoration!

Thinking about Bay Area hair restoration? If you want to have great looking hair in time for the summer, now is the time to get started. Spring is only just around the corner and while we can arrange for your hair restoration fairly quickly, you need time for the transplanted hair to grow into place so that those bald patches are covered up by the time you want to go swimming, boating, water skiing, or just lazing about on the beach in the sun looking handsome.

San Francisco Hair Transplant

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There is absolutely no doubt that having bald patches can create havoc with a man’s confidence, and hair restoration can make your whole life different again. At Silicon Valley Hair Institute we are not just about Bay Area hair restoration. It’s the tremendous boost to your ego and confidence that comes with having a full head of hair once more that puts a spring in your step.

One of the problems with hair loss is that, in most cases, it happens gradually and so does the loss of confidence that goes with it. You won’t believe just how fast that confidence can be restored when you realize that those transplanted hair follicles will give you a full head of hair again in just a few short weeks.

Robotic Hair Transplantation via ARTAS

Here in Foster City we use robotic hair transplantation which has many benefits over the traditional method of hair transplants. One of the advantages is that the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system pioneered by Restoration Robotics uses a unique software program that allows the surgeon to produce a 3D digital model which shows the patient how his hair will look when fully restored. It also enables the surgeon to show the anticipated results using different numbers or densities of grafts.

Robotic Bay Area hair restoration can often be carried out in a session of a day or less if less than 2,500 grafts are required. If more grafts are needed, two sessions may be required over two consecutive days. Because the procedure is less invasive there is no lineal scarring left at the donor site which means that the patient can wear the hair short if so desired.

Furthermore, another benefit is that in normal strip surgery the patient may feel uncomfortable for days, or even weeks, after the procedure, whereas with the ARTAS robotic procedure there is no discomfort after the anesthetic has worn off. This means that sportsmen and others who undertake physical exercise can return to it almost immediately.

The Bay Area Spring Is Coming. It’s Time For That Hair Restoration!
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