The Best Place In San Jose For A Hair Transplant? Foster City

What is the best place to get a San Jose hair transplant? We’ll give you a clue: it’s not in San Jose. It’s in Foster City.


Because the office of Dr Miguel Canales is in Foster City, not in San Jose. Dr Canales is a world leading authority on hair transplantation and is often called upon to speak at conferences of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons. We’re just a few miles north of San Jose, and we have many, many happy clients coming “up” to us from California’s third largest city.

The ARTAS Robotic System

In addition, Dr Canales was instrumental in the development of the ARTAS Robotic System of hair transplantation when he was the Medical Director of the company that manufactures the San Jose hair transplantequipment, Restoration Robotics Inc. He is named on more than 11 critical patents on robotic hair transplantation and has trained hair transplant surgeons throughout the world on its’ use.

When you come to Silicon Valley Hair Institute in Foster City you get the personal attention of no less an expert than Dr Canales himself. Arguably, there is no individual better qualified in hair transplantation than Dr Canales.

The ARTAS System of robotic hair transplantation can be used on any San Jose hair transplant patient who is suitable for a hair transplant, and it does have some great advantages. It offers a less invasive surgery, with less pain and discomfort, and no down time: you can drive immediately after surgery. There is no detectable scarring in the donor area at the back of the head and the chances of survival of the follicular units that are transplanted is greatly increased.

Totally Computer Controlled

The ARTAS System is completely computer controlled and avoids any human error of lack of hand and eye co-ordination owing to fatigue. It also makes harvesting of follicular units from patients of different backgrounds easier – the curly hair of patients of African descent for example.

Dr Canales does not only offer the ARTAS system for San Jose hair transplant patients. He is also highly skilled in Follicular Unit Transplantation which is carried out manually and is often referred to as the “strip method”, involving as it does the removal of a strip of hair from the back of the head. It’s important to realize that there’s no clear answer which one is “better;” each patient is unique, and a consultation with Dr. Canales is highly advised. In that fashion, he can recommend the best hair transplant procedure for your individual situation.  (This goes for women as well as men).

So when you need a hair transplant and you live in San Jose it is well worthwhile getting in the car and making the short trip to Foster City. It’s only half an hour away, after all.

Dr Canales is happy to offer a free consult to all San Jose and Bay Area residents considering a hair transplant procedure and to answer all your questions. Give him a call on (650) 551-1100 or click on the “Contact” link at the top of the page.

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