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Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a Top Hair Transplant Center Serving San Francisco & Environs, Announces eBook on Hair Restoration

February 1, 2017  San Jose, California. Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a leading Bay Area hair transplant center, is proud to release a new informative eBook about hair restoration options. Residents of San Francisco and nearby cities who suffer from hair loss may not be aware of the reasons for hair loss, nor the new, modern options for hair restoration including hair transplants by robotic methods such as Follicular Unit Extraction. Read more


Bay Area Women And Hair Transplant Options

It’s ironic that men are “more concerned” about hair loss and at the same time it is more “socially acceptable” for men to have a hair transplant than for women.

Yet it is not only men who suffer hair loss – women have the same problem too. However, the thought of women having a hair transplant is socially UN-acceptable to many people, which is indicative of some of the biased ideas of the 21st century. It’s “OK” for men but not “OK” for women. Isn’t that ridiculous? Read more


Confused About FUE Vs. FUT Hair Transplant In The Bay Area? Don’t Be.

FUE hair transplant vs. FUT hair transplant: which one is the best option? And anyway, what’s the difference? It’s quite true that the majority of people in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area are completely bewildered by the difference between the two and struggle to come to terms with the “tech” acronyms that hair transplant surgeons use.  Read more


Why An Eyebrow Transplant Might Make You Shine In San Francisco

Eyebrows can start thinning or become completely lost for a number of reasons including certain diseases such as thyroid complications, constant plucking, burns, infections, or simply a general tendency to thin as we get older in a similar way to hair loss on the scalp. Read more


The Best Place In San Jose For A Hair Transplant? Foster City

What is the best place to get a San Jose hair transplant? We’ll give you a clue: it’s not in San Jose. It’s in Foster City. Read more


San Francisco Hair Transplant: Go South

San Francisco is a very trendy city with lots and lots of things to do for all the family. One of the favorite spots is Fisherman’s Wharf where, amongst other things, you can go fishing (what else?) or you can just eat really good food, and enjoy a fantastic view of the San Francisco Bay. There is also a plethora of new restaurants springing up such as Waxman’s (Italian inspired menu), The Baked Bear (build your own ice-cream sandwich), or you can visit the Bluxome Street Winery and drink Russian River Valley Pinots or Chardonnays while sitting looking at Alcatraz. Read more


Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces Participation in Hair Transplantation Textbook

San Francisco, California – December 1, 2016. Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a leading San Francisco Bay Area hair transplantation center is proud to announce that staff clinicians have been invited to author chapters in the forthcoming, prestigious textbook, “Hair Transplantation Seventh Edition,” by Walter Unger. Read more


Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces Women’s Hair Loss Protocol, Innovative Hair Restoration for Women

Palo Alto, California – November 29, 2016. Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a leading San Francisco Bay Area hair restoration center, is proud to announce its Women’s Hair Loss Protocol, an innovative, step-by-step methodology to assist women suffering from hair loss. With over 40% of women suffering from hair loss, the Institute is reflecting strong customer demand for new therapies and new methodologies to assist women with hair restoration, including services such as Platelet Rich Plasma and hair transplantation. Read more


The So-Called ‘Strip Method’ of Hair Transplant

It is a fact of life for many people that as we get older we have a natural tendency to begin to lose our hair. This can even affect men in their early twenties, and in turn this affects confidence which can spill over into our everyday life. We feel unhappy at work and unhappy when out and about. In severe cases it has been known to cause some men to become almost housebound. Hair loss can also affect women, but it is largely men who suffer. Read more


Get A Second Opinion on Hair Restoration Options

If you have thinning and/or receding hair you may very well be considering the possibility of hair transplantation in the Bay Area. You have probably seen advertising from the big national chains for whichever particular procedure they are promoting telling you that the way they do it is the way to go. Read more