For San Francisco Hair Transplant Surgery, You Need To Go To Foster City

For San Francisco Hair Transplant Surgery, You Need To Go To Foster City

Many people in San Francisco – and not only in San Francisco – believe that a hair transplant is a type of surgery. They are right: technically it is a form of surgery, but it is nothing like having your appendix out or like brain surgery. It is an outpatient procedure and – would you believe – it is often done by a robot!Robotic hair transplant in San Francisco, California

Many people who want San Francisco hair transplant surgery have found that the very finest robotic hair transplant surgery is not actually done in San Francisco, but in Foster City where sits the office of the man who invented the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure – Dr Miguel Canales. Dr Canales has established the Silicon Valley Hair Institute in order to provide the very finest hair transplant surgery available anywhere in the Bay Area.

For ten years Dr Canales was the Medical Director of Restoration Robotics Inc., and it was he and his team who developed the ARTAS procedure.

So what exactly is the difference between an ordinary hair transplant and a robotic one? Quite simply, an ordinary hair transplant is carried out by the surgeon manually, while in the case of the ARTAS Procedure it is controlled by a computer. With manual surgery a strip of hair at the back of the head is removed and divided up into follicular units of between one and four hairs. The surgeon then transplants these into the recipient area.

Hair Transplants and Robots: Man vs. Machine

The problem is that, no matter how good the surgeon, these tiny follicular units can get damaged during the process, and furthermore, damage can also be done to the existing hairs growing in the recipient area. In addition to that, the strip of hair that has been removed from the back of the head leaves a scar which requires the remaining hair to be grown long in order to cover it up, so the patient is not able to wear his hair short if he wishes to do so.

With the ARTAS Procedure for San Francisco hair transplant surgery the computer-controlled robot removes tiny follicular units from the donor area which leaves no visible scar whatsoever, so the hair can be worn in any fashion of choice. The computer also controls the placement of the follicular unit without causing any damage to existing hair in the area. The system allows for the hair to be placed to match the angle, direction, and elevation of the existing hair in the recipient site area.

For all patients requiring San Francisco hair transplant surgery, Dr Canales offers a completely free consult where he can assess your needs and answer all your questions. In order to make your appointment with the finest hair transplant surgeon in the Bay Area, simply click on the Free Consult link at the top of the page.

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