Hair Transplant Surgery – Cost of Hair Transplants

How much does a hair transplant cost? Well, this blog post isn’t going to really tell you… so if all you care about is price… That said, let’s talk about costs and hair transplants. We have many patients come to us at Silicon Valley, looking for the best hair transplant surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area. And they find him: Dr. Miguel Canales, in our humble opinion. And we have many who are concerned about cost (of course), and many more who are concerned about before and after, and about how successful it will all be. So let’s get some things straight, and help you (dear reader), think through some issues regarding hair loss and hair restoration. Here in the busy, affluent San Francisco Bay Area, we find folks want a quick summary on our website or blog, before they come in for a free consultation.

Some Things to Think About vis-a-vis Cost of Hair Transplants

  1. What is Cost? Cost isn’t just dollars and sense! Hair transplant surgery (and its results) is something you will live with for the rest of your life. It’s a cosmetic procedure, so – let’s fact it – Cost of Hair Transplantsyou’re doing it to look better (or look great)! Hey, and that’s OK. Everyone deserves the right to work on one’s appearance, right? Man or woman. Here in California, we’re image-conscious. And that’s OK. You wear nice clothes, you try to keep physically fit, you go to the dentist, you might even whiten your teeth. A hair transplant procedure falls in that rubric. So cost? What is the emotional cost of not looking your best? What’s the cost of not getting a job or promotion because you don’t look your best. And what’s the cost of a relationship because – let’s face it – people do judge on first looks, BEFORE they look deeper (as they do, and should). So think about cost as part of a total picture.
  2. Cost vs. Skill. Yes, there are cheaper operations. Yes, you can go to Tijuana. But really, is that what you want? Do you buy the cheapest hamburger? Or the cheapest TV? The skill of the surgeon is very, very important, and the “cost” of second-best might be quite a bit bigger than the “cost” of first-best. Why compromise?
  3. You’re Unique. Every man, every woman, who comes to us: he or she is UNIQUE. No two patients are the same! So in order to estimate the “true cost” of your hair transplant, you gotta come in for a free consult. Costs vary because procedures vary. Don’t be shy. Come in, and let Dr. Canales create a unique hair restoration strategy for you.

Those are some quick thoughts about cost. We’re in a strange industry. It isn’t exactly like getting a hair cut. It isn’t like buying a hamburger. Hair transplant surgery is something very unique, and hopefully you aren’t just thinking cost, cost, cost. You’re looking at cost as part of a total picture, and you are as concerned about quality and the skill of the surgeon, as you are about cost.

Hair Transplant Surgery – Cost of Hair Transplants
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