Hair Transplants By A Robot

If you are thinking of having a hair transplant, you should be made aware that you can now have a robotic hair transplant in the Bay Area. There are many benefits to robotic hair transplants, speed and accuracy being just two of them.ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplants were pioneered by a company called Restoration Robotics of which Dr Miguel Canales was the Medical Director for more than ten years. Dr Canales now owns and runs Silicon Valley Hair Institute which is based in Foster City.

“Shock Loss”

Performing hair transplantation is a tedious and exacting process, and when done by even the most skilled surgeon can nonetheless result in “shock loss” of pre-existing hair in the recipient area. Furthermore, when the hair from the donor area at the back of the head is divided into follicular units of between one and four hairs the follicles themselves can become damaged.

The advantages of robotic hair transplant Bay Area are that both the harvesting of the follicular units and the insertion of them into the recipient area are carried out by a computer controlled system – the ARTAS Robotic System, developed by Restoration Robotics – which results in extreme accuracy.

A tiny needle removes the donor follicles in groups of one to four and then inserts them into the recipient area, avoiding damage to any existing hair as the robot will insert the follicles next to existing hair in a very precise manner. This eliminates the possibility of any human error by way of loss of hand and eye co-ordination, or simply due to fatigue. A robot does not get tired no matter how many follicles it transplants!

Match The Angle And Direction Of Growth

The ARTAS System also inserts the follicles into the recipient area to match the angle and direction of growth of existing hair in the recipient area, which results in an overall natural look which is aesthetically pleasing. The purpose of a hair transplant is, after all, to achieve hair that looks like the original, and that is what the ARTAS System achieves. When you meet new people they will never be able to guess that you have had a hair transplant.

Robotic hair transplant available in the San Francisco Bay Area also leaves no scar in the donor area which means that you will be able to wear your hair short if you wish. Furthermore, the robotic system of hair transplants can work on people of African descent who have very curly or helical hair, and can produce great results on dark hair, gray hair, and blonde hair. The only proviso is that people with white hair need to dye their hair before the procedure in order that the robot can best visualize the hair follicles.

In addition, recovery is quicker than after a conventional hair transplant. If you undertake strenuous exercise you will be able to continue after one or two days.

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