Hair Transplants For Women In The Bay Area

It’s a sad fact, but women can suffer from hair loss in the same way as men. The proportion of women that do have hair loss is less than that of men, but for women it can be much more demoralizing, and they will look for Bay Area hair transplants for women. Bay Area Hair Transplants for Women

Many men who suffer from hair loss don’t let it worry them. Some guys will just shave their head completely. Other men – and let’s face it, there are quite a few – really don’t worry about their appearance at all. But for women it’s a whole different ball game.

As the #1 Bay Area clinic for female hair restoration, Silicon Valley Hair Institute is uniquely positioned to provide confidential and discreet advice and treatment for women suffering from the embarrassment of thinning hair.

Our doctor, Dr Miguel Canales, is regarded by his fellow hair restoration surgeons as possibly the pre-eminent practitioner of his era. Dr Canales was for ten years the Medical Director of Restoration Robotics Inc., and oversaw the development of the unique ARTAS Robotic System of hair restoration. The ARTAS procedure uses an advanced optical system which enables it to locate and extract follicular units for transplant to the recipient areas at a speed far faster than a human being ever could. It can perform thousands of transplants in a session.

No Visible Scarring

Another very big advantage of the ARTAS System compared with the traditional method of Bay Area women’s hair transplants is that it leaves no visible scarring whatsoever. It also avoids the problem of “shock loss” of hair in the recipient area by detecting any pre-existing hairs and making incisions beside them thus avoiding any damage.

Silicon Valley Hair Institute also provides the Women’s Hair Loss Protocol which is a unique and methodical approach to diagnosing and treating women’s hair loss. We use HD Hair Dermoscopy in order to diagnose the extent of hair loss and guide the doctor’s decision as to the correct method of procedure. Treatment for Bay Area women’s hair transplants may include Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Growth Therapy, FUT Hair Transplantation, Robotic Hair Transplantation, the EPIC Procedure (epidermal infusion of hair medicines and supplements), Low-Level Light Therapy, and more.

We can also undertake eyebrow restoration. Loss of eyebrow hair can be due to a number of different underlying causes, and is another source of embarrassment to Bay Area women.

Dr Canales offers a completely free consult to all Bay Area women considering any form of hair loss treatment. In order to book an appointment, simply click on the “Free Consult” link at the top of this page.

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