It’s Worth A Trip To Foster City For Hair Restoration

If you are considering your San Francisco hair restoration options you need to take into account that no two hair transplant patients are the same. With something as important as a hair transplant it follows that you need to choose the best option for you, which is not necessarily the nearest.San Francisco Hair Transplant

At Silicon Valley Hair Institute we are not technically in San Francisco, but – hey! – we’re only a 25 minute drive away. That is well worth the commute in order to discuss your San Francisco hair restoration options with arguably the foremost hair transplant surgeon in the world – Dr Miguel Canales.

Dr Canales is an internationally recognized expert in the field of robotic hair transplantation. For over ten years he was the Medical Director of Restoration Robotics Inc. which produced the ARTAS Robotic Procedure. He pioneered its’ clinical development and his name is on 11 critical patents covering robotic hair transplantation.

Subsequently, Dr Canales has trained dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and hair transplant surgeons in the use of the ARTAS Robotic System throughout the USA, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. In the last few years he has been an invited lecturer at more than 35 congresses on hair restoration, plastic surgery, dermatology, and cosmetic surgery in some 20 different countries.

Best Possible Options for Bay Area Hair Restoration

Dr Canales has now opened Silicon Valley Hair institute in Foster City to cater for hair transplant patients from the whole of the San Francisco Bay Area who wish to have the best possible options for their hair transplant procedure. The ARTAS Robotic System is without doubt the biggest advance in hair restoration of the last 50 years and offers many benefits.

The System uses artificial intelligence, 3D treatment planning software, and precision robotics to harvest follicular units from the donor area, and it does this without leaving a linear scar which happens when having traditional hair transplantation. The only scarring is in the form of very tiny white dots which are invisible even if the hair is worn short.

The ARTAS System is perfectly accurate and carries out the process of locating and extracting the right follicular units from the donor site hundreds to thousands of times in a single session. The donor site needs no stitches and it is possible for the patient to undertake sports, physical exercise, and even swimming within a day or so of the transplant operation.

For hair transplant patients who want to become fully aware of their San Francisco hair restoration options, Dr Canales offers a completely free consult. In order to book yours, just click on the “Free Consult” link at the top of the page.

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