San Francisco Hair Transplant: Go South

San Francisco is a very trendy city with lots and lots of things to do for all the family. One of the favorite spots is Fisherman’s Wharf where, amongst other things, you can go fishing (what else?) or you can just eat really good food, and enjoy a fantastic view of the San Francisco Bay. There is also a plethora of new restaurants springing up such as Waxman’s (Italian inspired menu), The Baked Bear (build your own ice-cream sandwich), or you can visit the Bluxome Street Winery and drink Russian River Valley Pinots or Chardonnays while sitting looking at Alcatraz.

Take a stroll around Golden Gate Park – 1,000 acres where you can wander around and people watch. Visit Chinatown on Grant Avenue and Stockton Street – the largest Chinese community outside Asia. Take a trip to Pier 39 and watch the sea-lions, try the eateries, or just go shopping.

A Trendy City in the Trendy Bay Area

Yes, San Francisco is a trendy city. It is trendy when it comes to hair, too. Everyone – men, women, straight, gay – wants a fine head of good-looking hair in order to look stylish. However, when itSan Francisco Hair Transplant comes to hair, the real style is down south. No – not Alabama – we mean in Foster City, California, home of the Silicon Valley Hair Institute.

Here you will find Silicon Valley Hair Institute on E. Hillsdale Blvd. If you are considering a San Francisco hair transplant this is the place to be. The doctor here is Dr Miguel Canales who is arguably the world’s leading expert on all forms of hair transplantation, including eyebrow transplants.

Dr Canales was for ten years the Medical Director of Restoration Robotics Inc., where he led the development of the ARTAS Robotic System of hair transplantation. This system uses a multitude of cameras to direct a robotic arm which harvests the hair from a donor site at the back of the head and transplants it with complete accuracy exactly where it is needed, and without damaging any of the existing surrounding hairs. Dr Canales is mentioned on over 11 patents in relation to the ARTAS Robotic System and has trained hair restoration surgeons worldwide in its’ use.

Many Advantages for Your Hair Restoration Needs

The system has many advantages for a San Francisco hair transplant patient. These include the lack of any visible scarring in the donor area, less pain and discomfort, increased survival of the transplanted follicular units, and the ability of the system to match the hair angle and direction of the existing hair in the recipient area.

So if you are considering a San Francisco hair transplant don’t stay in San Francisco. It’s only a 25 minute trip to Foster City where you can get treatment from the world’s leading authority on hair transplants.

Dr Canales offers a free consult without any obligation to all Bay Area patients considering a hair transplant. To book yours call the office on (650) 551-1100 or click on the Contact link at the top of the page. Oh, and by the way, if you’re in Palo Alto, Mountain View, or points South, consider driving North for the best hair transplant in the Bay Area. That’s Foster City.

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