Transgender? Transsexual? Bay Area Hair Transplantation Options

If you live in the Bay Area and are either transgender or transsexual you may have doubts about your transgender hair transplant options.Transgender hair transplantation in the Bay Area.

To begin with, if you are transgender or transgendering from MTF (male to female) you may be suffering from a thinning of hair, as many people born male do. In fact it has been found that as many as 85% of people born male will suffer from hair loss by the age of 50, and as much as a quarter of those will have had some signs of hair loss before the age of 21.

People born male suffer hair loss more than do people born female, but while the majority of people would consider hair loss a “male” problem it is nonetheless a fact that some 40% of all people suffering from hair loss were born female.

Whatever the sex you were born, for the most part you can blame hair loss on your mom! Yes, it’s a fact that inherited genes from your parents can be responsible for hair loss, but in the majority of cases it is the genes that you inherit from your mom which are much more likely to be responsible.

Not Only Genes

Of course, it is not only your genes which can cause hair loss. Other things may well be involved – in particular post-traumatic stress disorder.

Whatever the cause of your thinning hair, if you are transgender or transsexual it can result in embarrassment and lack of self-confidence. In particular, MTF transgender patients often have a receding hairline, balding at the crown, and general thinning hair which can cause considerable discomfort when you wish to become recognized as female.

With FTM transgender patients there is often the desire to have a full dark, beard, and this can be achieved with a hair transplant. In addition, more prominent masculine sideburns can also be realized if this is what is wished. These surgeries can be carried out even if you are in the process of undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

Transgender / Transsexual Hair Transplant Options

When considering transgender hair transplant options the ultimate end is always to make you feel more comfortable with yourself as the person that you are, or wish to become, and at Silicon Valley Hair Institute this is what we do. The physical appearance is only the outward expression of who and what we are, and that goes for everyone, LGBT, straight, gay, young, old, or anything else. Our objective is to give you the appearance that you wish to project to the outside world, whoever or whatever you are. Every one of our patients is different and has different desires: the good news is that, whatever you wish to be, we can create the outcome that you so desperately want.

Our doctor, Dr Manuel Canales, offers a free consult to all patients in the Bay Area when he can assess your situation, decide upon the best and most appropriate course of action, and answer all your questions. To make an appointment, simply click on the FREE CONSULT link at the top of the page.

Transgender? Transsexual? Bay Area Hair Transplantation Options
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