Want Those Gorgeous Thick Eyebrows? An Eyebrow Transplant Can Help

Many women, and some men, would love to have eyebrows like the film stars do, and now it is possible to have an eyebrow transplant in the Bay Area to achieve that same sexy, gorgeous look.

Eyebrows can be lost for a number of different reasons including a genetic inability to grow eyebrow hair, a similar reason that causes eyebrows to thin gradually over time, some systemic diseases which can affect the thyroid, other infections, repeated plucking, burns, and even tattoos.Eyebrow hair transplants

There are several things to understand about the way eyebrow hairs perform, and they are very different in many respects from the hair on your head. The first thing to note is that eyebrow hairs grow in single strands, whereas the hairs on your head – while they might grow in single strands – mostly grow in clusters of up to four strands.

Second, and most important, is that eyebrow hairs only grow for about four months before they enter the resting stage and then fall out naturally. By contrast, the hairs on your head can grow for anything up to seven years which is the reason that your hair grows so long and you need to make regular visits to the hairdresser. Also, the hairs that form your eyebrows emerge almost flat to the surface of the skin rather than upwards and outwards as does the hair on your head.

Finally, the hairs of your eyebrows that are nearest to the nose grow upward, while the hair at the top of the eyebrow grows outwards and downwards, and the hair at the lower part grows outwards and upwards.

Great Skill to Do an Effective Eyebrow Transplant

It takes great skill and expertise to perform eyebrow restoration that produces the natural, rich, aesthetic look that most people desire. The most important thing is to insure that the transplanted hairs follow the line of the natural hairs as closely as possible. This means that they must be inserted in such a way as to be certain that they grow as flat to the skin surface as possible. Also, the angle of the hair must be correct as one goes along the eyebrow to match the natural position.

Another consideration for an effective eyebrow hair transplant is that the hair that is being transplanted is from a different part of the body and has different characteristics. Hair from the scalp will continue to grow for far longer than the natural eyebrow hair and will therefore need trimming from time to time.

With all that said, eyebrow restoration can work wonders for your appearance and help you regain the lost confidence that the loss of eyebrow hair can mean for many people – both women and men.

Our doctor at Silicon Valley Hair Institute, Dr Miguel Canales, offers a completely free consult to all patients in the Bay Area. Just click on the “Free Consult” link at the top of the page to book yours. We are “the” Bay Area location for an eyebrow transplant, so if you’re anywhere near Foster City – from San Francisco in the North, or San Jose in the South, reach out for a consultation.

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