Robotic Hair Transplant in San Francisco: Is It the Best?

If you are considering a San Francisco ARTAS hair transplant your best bet is to come to Foster City. Here is where you will find the office of Dr Miguel Canales, who used to be the Medical Director of Restoration Robotics Inc.Robotic hair transplants in San Francisco

What is so special about that? Dr Canales led the team which INVENTED the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant procedure and the computer that controls it. Where could you get a better hair transplant than from the office of the man who made the machine?

The ARTAS Robotic Procedure utilizes what is known as Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE for short. A follicular unit is a group of between one and four hairs which is extracted from the donor site on the back of the head and grafted into the recipient site.

In a standard manual hair transplant, a strip of hair is removed from the back of the head leaving an unsightly scar. This means that the remaining hair has to be left to grow long in order to cover it. The strip of hair is then divided manually into follicular units and inserted manually into the recipient site. This is all very well, but there are a couple of problems. The first is that the procedure often leads to damage of the follicles, while the second is that the hair transplant surgeon will simply tire over time. In turn, that means that, however experienced the surgeon, some mistakes will be made which further reduces the chance of a fully successful transplant.

A Computer-Controlled Machine for Hair Transplantation

With a San Francisco ARTAS hair transplant, the harvesting and implanting of the hair follicles is carried out by the computer controlled machine which cannot get tired! There is virtually no risk of damage to the follicles nor will the machine make mistakes when inserting them into the recipient site. Certainly, it is a very exact science and the development of the ARTAS system of robotic transplant did not happen overnight. However, thanks to Dr Canales, you can now benefit from the most exact form of hair transplant available on the planet! Not only that, but with a 25 minute drive down US 101 you can get it from the man himself.

There is another benefit also, and that is that you can return to normal working, or play sports after the transplant, whereas with a manual operation you may need to take a few days off work.

Can you benefit from a San Francisco ARTAS hair transplant? Most people can, but the way to be sure is to book a free consult with Dr Canales when he can assess your suitability and answer all your questions. To make an appointment call 650-551-1100 or email now.

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