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HAIR TRANSPLANT: Sacramento to the Bay Area

Sacramento is just a short drive from the San Francisco Bay Area! We’re seeing more and more interest for “Sacramento Hair Transplantation” among Sacramento and Northern, Nevada residents. If you live or work in the region, we urge you to consider “hair transplant” travel to our office in Foster City, California. We’re passionate about Sacramento and Northern California but do advise that the Bay Area has world-class technology and specialists for both male and female hair loss treatments.

Dr. Miguel Canales provides Sacramento hair transplant services via travel program to/from the San Francisco Bay Area
Dr. Miguel Canales
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  • World-renowned hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Miguel Canales.
  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) / Robotic technology using the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system.
  • Free online consultation. We make it easy – you can have your consultations prior to commitment / surgery via Zoom / Internet.
  • Office located in Foster City, central to the Bay Area. Enjoy the fabulous San Francisco Bay Area and its tourist attractions including fine dining, nightlife, museums and more before / after your surgery.
  • Generally, speaking it’s a three day hair transplant process:
    • Day 1: Travel / arrival from Sacramento, California to Foster City, CA. Evaluation and surgical prep for your hair transplant.
    • Day 2: Hair transplant surgery.
    • Day 3: Recovery and re-evaluation of your hair transplant.

More Information on Sacramento CA Hair Transplant Surgery

For our Sacramento, California, clients, we offer the following hair transplantation services:

  1. Free Consultation. As explained above, we offer a free “virtual consultation” to our Sacramento California clients. This makes the process extremely efficient, and you have zero cost to investigate your hair transplant options. We highly recommend that you compare us with Sacramento-based hair transplant providers.
  2. ARTAS / FUE / ROBOTIC technology. Dr. Miguel Canales will evaluate your hair loss issues, and make recommendations on the best hair transplant strategy, which might be the more “manual” FUT process or the more “robotic” ARTAS process. Each head of hair is unique – whether male or female, straight hair or curly hair, European, African American, or Asian. Dr. Canales will evaluate your hair loss and give you your options.
  3. Affordable Hair Transplant for Sacramento. Our focus is 100% on high quality outcomes. But, that said, we are price competitive on a qualitative basis. We are a top-rated hair clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area and we use the state-of-the-art technology where appropriate. We can work with your budget from an all-inclusive perspective, helping you to compare total costs and quality of a Bay Area hair transplant vs. a Sacramento hair transplant.
  4. Hair Transplant for Women. Women who live or work in Northern California might be especially frustrated with their California options. Fortunately, we are experienced with female hair loss issues and are known as the best women’s hair loss clinic in the Bay Area.
  5. Beard Transplantations. Many Sacramento residents want a full, bushy beard. We can provide that type of facial hair transplant as well.
  6. Eyebrow Transplants. Again, this is a type of hair transplantation that is not necessarily available in Sacramento. We have the correct technology and skill to provide an eyebrow transplant to regain bushy, vibrant eyebrows.
  7. Other specialties. We are full-service hair transplant clinic, offering everything for Sacramento residents ranging from micropigmentation, the HTX360 experience, pubic hair transplant, and transgender hair transplant services. During your confidential and respectful consultation, inquire of Dr. Canales as to your specific hair loss issues.

Historical Factoid: Sacramento California

Sacramento was named the permanent state capital all the way back in 1879. This comes as no surprise considering the history of Sacramento is as old as California itself.

Sacramento was an ideal choice to be capital for an array of reasons at the time it was declared. Because of the Gold Rush frenzy, it had already become the destination point of choice for the new settlers who came to California hoping to make it big. With the gold hunters also came blacksmiths, shopkeepers, and other entrepreneurs who gave the city a good economic base. What’s more? Unlike previous temporary capitals in California, Sacramento was not near the ocean. This meant that there was little chance of invasion by sea. At the same time, it had a strategic enough location to engage economically.

Most prominently, many of the most powerful people in the newly formed state of California lived in Sacramento at the time. This meant that no new city had to be formed; rather, the state capital could move to an area that had already been established and that was as persuasive as can be. With its new status and strategic location, the population of Sacramento grew, the city quickly prospered, and Sacramento steadily got its reputation as one of the best places to live out West.


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