Transgender Hair Transplantation

At the Silicon Valley Hair Institute, based in Foster City, California, but serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area, every hair restoration procedure is personalized to meet the needs of the individual patient. Miguel Canales, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the Silicon Valley Hair Institute, is an internationally recognized expert in hair restoration and aesthetics.

He has an extraordinary grasp of the technological and aesthetic hair transplant techniques that can be used to address the challenges many transgender patients confront as they undergo their personal transition journey. During the consultation process, he listens closely to each patient’s unique concerns and expectations to create a realistic treatment path that can achieve their goals.

Persons seeking transgender hair transplantation services come to us from as near as San Francisco or San Jose or Oakland and as far as Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and other West Coast cities that do not yet have the technology and openness that we do here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Call 650-638-1226 or click here to email us or here for a free eBook on hair restoration options.

Transgender Hair Transplantation - San Francisco Bay AreaMany of our male-to-female (MTF) transgender patients have a receding hairline, thinning hair, or balding at the crown. With hair transplantation, patients can achieve a fuller head of hair and a hairline that displays typically feminine characteristics (a lower, more rounded, and softer hairline). Our female-to-male (FTM) transgender patients often desire a full, dark beard and can frequently benefit from facial hair transplant procedures even if they are simultaneously engaged in hormone replacement therapy. This procedure can also be used to enhance the prominence of sideburns for a more masculine aesthetic.

Our goal is to help transgender patients fulfill their transition goals and more fully express their gender identity in order to feel confident and comfortable in their appearances.

To learn more about how hair transplant techniques can benefit transgender patients, or to schedule a consultation with Miguel Canales, MD, please feel free to contact the Silicon Valley Hair Institute at 650-638-1226 or With an office in Foster City, we’re convenient to the entire Bay Area, from San Jose to Oakland to San Francisco. Thus, if you’re seeking to explore transgender / transsexual hair transplantation or restoration services, feel free to reach out for a confidential assessment.