If You Need a Hair Transplant, You Might Consider Micropigmentation Here in the Bay Area

If You Need a Hair Transplant, You Might Consider Micropigmentation Here in the Bay Area

At Silicon Valley Hair Institute our aim is to ensure that your hair covers your head and leaves no bald areas. Micropigmentation can help to disguise baldness.Very often we do this using the ARTAS robot to transplant hair from one site to another so that it grows in the new site and covers the area which was bald.

However, we also have another trick up our sleeve which is known as micropigmentation. This is not actually a hair transplant but makes it look as though you have hair growing in the site. Micropigmentation is an exciting new therapy and involves the insertion of a pigment into the upper layer of the skin, the dermis, which alters the appearance by recreating the effect of hair on the scalp. Micropigmentation is also known as trichopigmentation and produces a look of closely shaved hair or a “stubble” look.

This process can also be used to camouflage any scars on the head. For example, if you have had a manual hair transplant, the process leaves a scar at the back of your head where the strip of hair was removed in order to provide the hair for transplantation. This means that you can’t really wear your hair short because the scar becomes obvious. Trichopigmentation can now be used to cover the scar area so that you can once again wear your hair short if you choose to do so.

We Use The ARTAS Robot For Hair Transplants

Of course, if you want to wear your hair long, we can carry out a hair transplant using our ARTAS robot for hair transplants. This does not require a strip of hair to be removed at the back of the head, because the robot harvests very tiny groups of between one and four hair follicles which leaves no visible scarring whatsoever. It then transplants them into the recipient site at exactly the same angle and elevation as any existing hairs in the site, and places them exactly beside the existing hairs without causing them any damage, so reducing the “shock loss” that can be caused by a manual transplant.

There are many other benefits of a robotic hair transplant, such as the fact that there is an increase in the survival rate of transplanted follicles compared with a manual transplant. There is also less pain and discomfort, and virtually no down time after the transplant. In addition, it is easier to harvest hairs from patients of different ethnic backgrounds, such as those of African descent, for instance.

Our doctor, Dr Miguel Canales, is very happy to offer all patients a free consult. If you would like to discuss any of the hair transplant procedures that we carry out, including trichopigmentation, please click on the Free Consult link at the top of the page.

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