Many (But Not All) Men Lose their Hair. Hair Loss Happens.

Many (But Not All) Men Lose their Hair. Hair Loss Happens.

Some men don’t experience hair loss until later in life. Maybe they thought they would keep their thick, healthy hair forever. Then something changes. It could be a health problem or just advanced age. hair loss in men At some point, a man notices his scalp looks more pronounced. It could be a specific bald spot growing more expansive at the back of the head. He sees more hair on the hairbrush too. It gets to a point where now he’s concerned if he doesn’t do something, he’ll go bald!

80% of men experience hair loss at some point in life. Even with this data, many guys don’t expect it to happen. Fortunately, there are successful treatments to bring back thick hair, including hair transplantation.

Life Isn’t Fair, and Hair Loss in Men

Older men experience several changes that seem to feel unfair. After years of eating their favorite fast food without consequences, the dad bod shows up. A regular dental check-up turns into a recommendation for a root canal. The physician decides “it’s that time” and schedules a first colonoscopy. Some guys begin to feel like they’re falling apart.

If you’ve been surprised by hair loss, remember you’re not alone; there is help! We’ve been specializing in successful hair restoration treatments in the San Francisco Bay Area (Foster City) for over twenty years. Our state-of-the-art hair loss clinic provides the latest hair rejuvenation treatments, including robotic hair transplant surgery for men (and women too). And our best-in-class hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Miguel Canales, can evaluate your situation to recommend a personal treatment plan.

A diminishing hairline can look different in every man. Sometimes it recedes at the temples in a “Jack Nicolson” style. Or it starts in the back and begins to spread forward. There are several types of balding patterns and several strategies to fix them. Please look at our before and after page for real examples of our patients;

Hair loss for men is our specialty, so contact us and get started on a more youthful, healthier look!

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