The Best San Jose Hair Transplant Office Is In Foster City!

If you are looking for San Jose hair transplant specialists you need to look further afield than San Jose. In fact you need to look at Foster City. Here you will find the finest San Jose hair specialists who are not actually in San Jose.San Jose Hair Transplant

Foster City is the home of Silicon Valley Hair Institute which is owned and run by Dr Miguel Canales who is arguably the world’s leading hair transplant surgeon. For over ten years Dr Canales was the Medical Director of Restoration Robotics Inc. and it was under his guidance that the ARTAS Robotic System of hair transplants was conceived and pioneered.

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System

The ARTAS System combines artificial intelligence, 3D treatment planning software, and precision robotics which together combine to produce the most advanced hair transplant procedures not just in San Jose, not even in the Bay Area, but in the whole of the developed world. There is nothing like this available anywhere else.

Indeed, after his pioneering work at Restoration Robotics, Dr Canales has gone on to train plastic and cosmetic surgeons, and hair transplant surgeons, in the US, Canada, Latin America, Asia, and Europe in the use of the ARTAS System. At the same time, over the last six years he has also been asked to speak at cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, and hair transplant conventions and congresses in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Now Dr Canales has brought his expertise to the citizens of San Jose and the rest of the Bay Area with the opening of his office in Foster City. It is only a trip of ¾ of an hour from San Jose to Foster City up the US-101 N and well worth it to discuss your options with the top San Jose hair specialists who are not actually in San Jose!

Free Consult on Hair Transplant Options

Dr Canales offers a totally free consult to all San Jose patients considering a hair transplant where he can explain to you the huge advantages of the ARTAS Robotic Procedure over conventional hair transplant options available in the city.

Not the least of these are the speed and accuracy of the process, the fact that the ARTAS System leaves no visible scars – meaning that you can wear your hair short without embarrassment – that the aesthetic appearance will be better than achieved with other procedures, and that there is virtually no down time: sportsmen and women can engage in their preferred activities within a day or so as recovery time is almost instant.

At the top of the page you will see a link entitled “Free Consult”. Just click on it and complete a few simple details to arrange your free appointment with Dr Canales.

The Best San Jose Hair Transplant Office Is In Foster City!
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