It Is Not Only Men Who Suffer From Hair Loss. Women Can, as Well

It Is Not Only Men Who Suffer From Hair Loss. Women Can, as Well

It is an unfortunate fact that many people suffer from hair loss. We all know men who are bald, sometimes totally so. But women can also suffer from hair loss, although it is usually different.  Women, too, can suffer from hair loss. Perhaps a female hair transplant might be your best option.Where men may have bald areas, hair thinning in women is what usually happens. So, there are not places where they are bald, but nonetheless, there can be areas where the scalp is visible simply because there are not enough hairs in that area.

One of the big problems with thinning hair in women is that many of them – if not all of them – feel ashamed of having thin areas of hair. There is no reason to feel ashamed, in the sense that it is not their fault. As they say, it happens!

But whereas quite a lot of men just accept it for what it is and carry on with life (although with that said a lot of other men do feel ashamed or depressed about it), almost all women suffer mentally, and that is not good.

Female Hair Transplantation in the Bay Area

Fortunately, at Silicon Valley Hair Institute we have an answer for thinning hair in women, and it can be treated in much the same ways as it is in men. There are medical treatments that can be used, and hair transplantation may be an answer as well. It all depends upon your individual condition. In fact, when it comes to hair transplantation, we are one of the few clinics that provides hair transplantation for women.

As it happens, our Dr Miguel Canales, who is recognized as not only a leading expert on hair loss in the US, but internationally, is happy to provide all patients with a totally free consultation when he can assess your particular condition.

Incidentally, we are not only talking about the problem of thinning hair on the head, but also the possibility of eyebrow transplants, and also pubic hair transplants. Unfortunately, many women who have had their pubic hair removed as was fashionable some years ago, are now seeking to have it restored providing a more natural look. Dr Canales can help you whatever your situation.

But back to thing hair on the head, while a hair transplant may be the answer, it could be that medical supplements could prove the best approach, or perhaps low-level light therapy.

If you are a woman suffering from thinning hair, make an appointment to see Dr. Canales for your free consultation.

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