The Cost of Your Hair Transplant Depends on Your Individual Circumstances

The Cost of Your Hair Transplant Depends on Your Individual Circumstances

What does a hair transplant cost in California? At Silicon Valley Hair Institute, it is a question we get asked all the time, and unfortunately our answer has to be that we don’t have an answer.Hair transplant cost in California.

That is because a hair transplant cost in California depends on you, not on us. Everybody is different. Some people have slightly thinning hair. Others have bald patches. Others have thinning areas all over.

Then there are different solutions for hair transplants, such as a manual transplant, a robotic hair transplant, and so on. What is good for one patient is not right for another one. Until we have actually seen the condition of your hair, we cannot give you an answer.

Not The Most Important Thing: Each Head is Unique

Furthermore, the cost is not the most important thing. The most important thing for anyone considering a hair transplant is that they get the best-looking result. That is what matters more than anything. After all, whatever sort of hair transplant you need, it is not going to be “cheap”. You are not spending a couple of hundred dollars. So when you are looking at the sort of sums that can be involved, you need to get the best hair transplant for your situation, and that requires the best hair transplant doctor, not someone who has just been on a week’s course.

Enter Dr. Miguel Canales. He is our Director at Silicon Valley Hair Institute and is one of the best hair transplant doctors not just in California, but in the world. His history includes ten years spent as Medical Director of Restoration Robotics, the company that produces the ARTAS robot for hair transplantation, and Dr. Canales led the team that invented it! So you could say that he is the foremost hair transplant doctor in the world, and we are lucky to have him right here, slap bang in the middle of the Bay Area. You cannot get more of a hair loss expert than Dr. Canales.

There are many advantages to having a hair transplant carried out using the ARTAS robot. First and foremost, whereas a manual hair transplant leaves a visible scar at the back of the head from where the hair was harvested, the ARTAS robot leaves no visible scar whatsoever. It harvests tiny hair follicles of between one and four hairs at a time and places them in the recipient area at exactly the same angle, height, and direction of any existing hairs there. So you get the most natural finished appearance.

There are several other benefits too. So while the hair transplant cost in California is important, it is by no means the most important factor.

If you wish to find out more, Dr Canales offers all patients a free consultation when he can answer all your questions and, of course, quote you an accurate price.

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