What’s The Cost Of A Hair Transplant? Is the Bay Area Really Expensive?

What’s The Cost Of A Hair Transplant? Is the Bay Area Really Expensive?

Hair transplant costs can vary from one city to another. Some cities such as San Francisco are very pricey places and this is one reason why we are not based there.  Hair transplant costs can vary by city even in the Bay Area.Office rents in the city are astronomical compared with other places. In fact, after New York itself, San Francisco is the most expensive city in the US, which means that hair transplant costs there have to take into account the costs of operating from an office there. It is not just the cost of rents – everything is more expensive. Just popping out for lunch at mid-day or going to a bar after work costs more than almost everywhere else.

This is one very good reason why Silicon Valley Hair Institute is based in Foster City. It means that our patients can get the best hair transplants at less than they would pay in San Francisco – or for that matter San Jose or San Diego which are the seventh and eighth most expensive cities respectively. And let’s face it, Foster City is only a 20 minute drive from San Francisco or San Jose in any case.

One Of The World’s Top Hair Transplant Surgeons Here in the Bay Area

However, what is most important is that at Silicon Valley Hair Institute you receive treatment from Dr Miguel Canales who is regarded as one of the top hair transplant surgeons in the world. For ten years he was Medical Director of Restoration Robotics in San Jose where he led the team that developed the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system. This uses a combination of artificial intelligence and a robot to transplant hair follicles from the donor site at the back of the head, which it does leaving no visible scarring which is what occurs with strip transplantation. It is also far more accurate in placing the follicles in the donor site without causing any damage to existing hairs in the area. There is also far less chance of damage to the transplanted follicles themselves.

In addition, hair transplants using the ARTAS system can be carried out in as little as half the time taken to work manually which also has a bearing on hair transplant costs. It is also worth considering that a robot does not suffer from fatigue or any eye/hand co-ordination problems that might affect a surgeon working manually.

All things considered, it is well worthwhile to arrange an appointment for your hair transplant consultation with Dr Canales. This is something which he offers free and without obligation, and you can take advantage of it by simply clicking on the Free Consult link at the top of the page.

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