What’s The Cost Of A Hair Transplant in San Jose or San Francisco? It Depends

What’s The Cost Of A Hair Transplant in San Jose or San Francisco? It Depends

Many people want to know what a hair transplant cost is in the great cities of the Bay Area, namely San Jose or San Francisco, but unfortunately there is no quick answer. Well, there is, but you will hate us for it because it is “it depends…….!”San Jose Hair Transplant Cost

Look at it this way: if you have been in a road accident and your car is smashed up you couldn’t phone up the body shop and ask for a quote over the phone. You couldn’t get a price on their website. You’d have to take your car into the body shop – or if it’s too badly damaged get them to come out and take a look – before they could tell you how much it will cost to repair.

It’s the same thing with a hair transplant cost. We can’t tell you the answer until we have seen you whether you’re in San Jose or San Francisco. But here’s the good news: we do offer a completely free consultation – without any obligation – so if you can commit to that time we can give you a very precise estimate. As we are based in Foster City, you have easy access to us from anywhere in the Bay Area. We’re literally mid-way between San Jose and San Francisco.

We also use the ARTAS robotic system of hair transplantation which is extremely accurate and is far quicker than having a hair transplant done manually. In fact, our doctor – Dr Miguel Canales – was for over ten years the Medical Director of Restoration Robotics, the San Jose company that invented the system, so he was very much involved in the design of the machine.

Artificial Intelligence and Hair Transplantation Technology

The ARTAS robot uses artificial intelligence to locate and extract tiny groups of hairs called follicular units, each containing no more than four hairs, from the donor area at the back of the head, and then transplants them into the recipient area according to an aesthetic plan devised by the surgeon. It can carry out this procedure thousands of times in a single session and is far quicker than any human being could manage.

There are many other advantages to the ARTAS system as well. It leaves no linear scar visible in the donor area as happens with a manual transplant. The survival rate of the transplanted follicular units is greater, and there is much less pain and discomfort. It also permits the patient to return to any sporting activity immediately after the transplant rather than having to take time off work and rest. In addition, it makes harvesting of follicular units from patients with very curly hair much easier.

So if you want to know the hair transplant cost for you, just pick up the phone and call us to book your free appointment.

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