Why An Eyebrow Transplant Might Make You Shine In San Francisco

Eyebrows can start thinning or become completely lost for a number of reasons including certain diseases such as thyroid complications, constant plucking, burns, infections, or simply a general tendency to thin as we get older in a similar way to hair loss on the scalp.

However, hair loss on the scalp is generally viewed as “just one of those things” whereas the loss of eyebrows completely changes your facial appearance and is generally regarded as peculiar. Fortunately, it is now possible to have eyebrow transplants for San Francisco residents in much the same way as a hair transplant on the scalp.

Differences Between Eyebrow Transplants And Hair Transplants

These days the fashion is for deep, defined eyebrows, especially for women of course, but also for men. In some respects, eyebrow transplants are similar to hair transplants, but there are aEyebrow hair transplant number of differences because of the way that the hair grows and lies.

To begin with, eyebrow hair grows in single strands of hair, unlike hair on the scalp which grow in follicles of one to four hairs. Furthermore, the way that the hair grows changes direction in different parts of the eyebrow. The hair in the upper part of the eyebrow grows outwards and downwards, while that in the lower part grows out and upwards. Close to the nose, the hair grows straight upwards.

In addition, eyebrow hairs only grow for about four months before entering a resting phase and then falling out, whereas hair on the scalp may grow for up to seven years which is why it grows much longer and needs regular cutting.

The Procedure for an Eyebrow Transplant

The procedure for eyebrow transplants involves taking hair from a donor site in the scalp. Since hair on the scalp grows in follicles of between one and four hairs, these follicles must be divided into single hairs for transplantation to the eyebrow. Hair on the scalp will have slightly different characteristics from that of the eyebrows and so may not match the eyebrow hair exactly, although over a period of time it will become similar.

Eyebrow transplants for San Francisco residents are perfectly safe procedures but must be undertaken with great skill and care. The trick is to follow the natural direction of the existing eyebrow hair as closely as possible using a very fine needle to create the recipient sites.

Dr Miguel Canales is an acknowledged expert in eyebrow transplants for San Francisco residents and is regularly asked to speak at medical conferences of the International Society of Hair Transplantation Surgeons, together with plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery conferences. He is happy to offer a free consult to all Bay Area residents considering eyebrow transplant surgery and assess your suitability as a candidate. He will, of course, answer all your questions. For your initial appointment call (650) 551-1100 or click on the Contact link at the top of the page.

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