Bay Area Hair Transplant – San Francisco Hair Transplant Cost

Bay Area Hair Transplant – San Francisco Hair Transplant Cost

There is no disputing that fact that a hair transplant surgery is going to set you back a bit. Surgery of any kind comes with non-trivial expense these days. However, we are not going to get into dollars and cents at this point; instead we will consider how to evaluate the benefits of the procedure which are largely intangible, against the hair transplant cost. I think the case can be made that the value proposition is there.

Hair Transplant Cost: Cost Weighed Against Benefits

You have heard that tall people earn more. It’s true! And similarly, people who are judged more attractive, also typically benefit. This is very true in San Francisco, the entire Bay Area, and Hair Transplant especially Silicon Valley.

Now I cannot say precisely how this happens, but some combination of your boss’s regard for you and your own improved self-esteem combine through the miracle of human psychology to make you a better version of yourself. So bringing this back down to earth: the hair transplant cost is real, but so is the cost of not getting a hair transplant. What’s the cost of not getting a raise, or a job, or a promotion because you don’t look your best? What is the emotional cost of not looking your best? Mind you, I’m not making promises that your future salary raises are going to pay back the hair transplant cost in “X” months. But I can promise you that you will look better with more hair, and that pays dividends!

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish: Bay Area Hair Transplant Options

As the old saying goes: If you don’t have time to do something right, when will you find time to do it over? This maxim definitely applies to hair transplant costs. If you elect to go with a surgeon who isn’t up on the latest techniques (because he or she didn’t take the classes to learn them) and doesn’t have the latest equipment (saved money by not purchasing them), they may well pass the “savings” on to you. But what if the lower hair transplant cost translates to an inferior post-operative result? Live with it, and be out the money and unhappy you didn’t get the transformation you were hoping for? Or go back for a second round of procedures–which is definitely going to make it more expensive! So bear this scenario in mind when evaluating hair transplant costs.

Medical Tourism: Let’s Not Even Go There

And when I say “there” I mean medical tourism to Mexico or Turkey, and or some other 3rd–world country, to reduce hair transplant costs. In recent years people have tried combining business with pleasure as it were, by taking a cruise to a warm locale, then spending some time on the beach soaking up the sun, then trading that for the surgical theater, and having medical procedures done, typically cosmetic in nature, including hair transplants. It’s possible that this could work out well for you, but possibly not.

And why do so when here in the San Francisco Bay Area, right in Foster City, with have a top-rated Hair Transplant Clinic under the direction of one of the best hair transplant specialists in California?

Everything mentioned above regarding quality goes double–or triple-in this situation. How will you know which doctors are reputable? Yelp reviews written in a foreign language? How is follow-up care going to work? If the hair transplant cost is making you think of this option, do yourself a favor and wait until the numbers look better.

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