Many People Want to Know How Much a San Jose Hair Transplant Costs

Many People Want to Know How Much a San Jose Hair Transplant Costs

Northern California, and San Jose in particular, are not known for their low prices. Real estate, especially, is quite expensive. However, you’ll be surprised at how affordable a hair transplant can be in San Jose; just drive up to Foster City to find San Jose’s “secret.”An affordable San Jose hair transplant is in Foster City

If you want a hair transplant, as many people do, you’ll find that the cost of a hair transplant in San Jose is about as expensive as it can get. In Foster City it will cost you a lot less, and it’s only a half hour drive anyway. Here is where you will find Silicon Valley Hair Institute which is run by our Dr Miguel Canales.

Apart from the fact that the cost of a hair transplant in San Jose is more than in Foster City, at Silicon Valley Hair Institute we use the ARTAS robotic system of hair transplants. This has very many advantages over a manual hair transplant, one of which is that the robot leaves no visible scar.

A Permanent Scar

When you have an FUT (manual) hair transplant, the surgeon removes a strip of hair at the back of your head from which the hair follicles are extracted. This leaves a permanent scar, and it cannot be helped. What that means is that if you want to wear your hair fairly short, the scar will be visible, and anyone seeing it will know that you have had a hair transplant.

The robotic system does not remove a strip of hair but harvests follicular units of up to four hairs with absolute precision, which just leaves a tiny pin prick which is not visible. So that means that you can wear your hair in any way that suits you.

Furthermore, there is no danger of shock loss of existing hair in the recipient area because the robot places the follicular units exactly next to existing hair. It also places them so that they exactly match the angle, direction, and elevation of the existing hair. The survival rate of the transplanted follicular units is also much greater. The overall result is far better than can ever be achieved by a manual transplant.

There are other advantages too. There is less pain and discomfort than a manual transplant, and less downtime too. You can go back to playing your usual sports the next day if you want to.

So don’t fret about the cost of a hair transplant in San Jose. Instead take a dive up to Foster City. Dr Canales provides all patients with a completely free consult which you can book by clicking on the Free Consult link at the top of the page.

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