You Can Restore Antique Furniture To Look Like New And You Can Restore Your Hair Too

You’ll probably realize that it is true that major art galleries spend thousands of dollars on restoring paintings. Well known ones by painters such as Michelangelo, Turner, or Picasso, when they turn up out of the blue, quite obviously, but they also spend thousands on works by minor artists that you may never have heard of, but are deemed to be important.Hair Restoration

Equally, many people will spend a lot of money to purchase a piece of antique furniture that is two or three hundred years old and then spend another small fortune restoring it to bring it back to its’ former glory. Why? Because it is unique. There is nothing else like it in the world so they feel it is worth the money to be able to own such an important piece of furniture.

The Same Thing Applies To Your Hair: You Can Restore It

Whether you realize it or not, the same thing applies to your hair. You are unique. There is no other person in the San Francisco Bay Area, no, the world, like you, nor has there ever been, and nor will there ever be. So hair restoration is an investment in your own unique self. When you were born you either had hair or you developed it over the first few months of your life and it made you into something different from everyone else.

However, as we age there is a tendency with many people for the hair that we once had to stop growing. This may be all over the head eventually, resulting in total baldness. But with many people baldness starts to come in small patches and most people find that as embarrassing as losing a front tooth, leaving a gap whenever you laugh or smile.

Now there is a 21st century answer for missing teeth and it is called a dental implant. Without going into detail, it involves REPLACING the missing tooth with another one. We’re fortunate in the Bay Area to have a hair replacement clinic in Foster City, that makes it easy to explore your Bay Area hair restoration options.

An Answer For Bald Patches And Missing Hair

The good news is that there is now also an answer for missing hair and bald patches and it is called hair restoration. It is different from a dental implant in that it involves using part of your own natural hair and transplanting it into the bald patches where it will regrow naturally and give you a full head of hair once more. What could be more exciting?

Where you now have embarrassing bald patches, in a matter of a few weeks hair restoration can return you to the glory of your youth again. If you can restore a painting or a piece of antique furniture, why not restore your natural hair?

Silicon Valley Hair Institute in Foster City is the foremost hair restoration surgery in the Bay Area. We offer a totally free consult for all patients who wish to turn back the clock and look as good as they did years ago. Call us on (650) 551-1100 or click on the Free Consult link at the top of the page for more information.

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