Hair Transplants Don’t Stop at the Hair on Your Head. We Can Restore Eyebrows

Hair Transplants Don’t Stop at the Hair on Your Head. We Can Restore Eyebrows

Fads come and fads go. Just a few years ago, people (mainly women) were “plucking” their eyebrows so that they had very fine, thin ones. Well, unfortunately, a lot of that damaged their hair follicles. Worse still, today that fad has reversed and the new thing for 2022 and beyond is “bold and bushy”. Eyebrow transplants can restore those bushy good looks.

However, eyebrows do not only become thin as a result of constant plucking, although that is one cause. There can also be genetic conditions which cause them to thin out over time. Some diseases such as thyroid issues and alopecia areata, and also infections, burns, and even tattoos can all cause eyebrows to thin out. All of which can be very distressing when the “in” thing is bold and bushy!

The answer for many people can be eyebrow restoration by means of transplantation, in much the same way that a hair transplant can restore hair on the scalp.

There Are Some Differences in Hair Transplants (Scalp vs. Eyebrows)

Having said that, while eyebrow restoration by way of a transplant is similar in some ways to a hair transplant on the scalp, there are certain differences. On the scalp, the hairs grow at an angle of as much as a 45° to the scalp. They also grow in hair follicles of between one and four hairs. Eyebrow hair grows very flat to the surface of the skin. In addition, eyebrow hairs grow as single hairs rather than up to four in each follicle as on the scalp.

Another factor with eyebrow hair is that each hair will only grow for up to four months before it then enters a resting phase and subsequently falls out. Hair on the scalp can grow for as long as 7 years which is why the scalp hair can grow so long.

Bay Area Eyebrow Transplantation

Another reason why an eyebrow transplant is different from a hair transplant on the scalp is that, while a scalp hair transplant uses hairs from another part of the scalp, an eyebrow transplant uses hairs from different parts of the body. This means that while those hairs may grow very well in your eyebrows, they can have slightly different characteristics from the natural eyebrow hair and therefore may never exactly match it.

What all of this means is that if you are looking for eyebrow restoration in the Bay Area you need a hair transplant surgeon who has the necessary skills. This is why you need to talk to our Dr Miguel Canales at Silicon Valley Hair Institute in Foster City. He is happy to provide all patients with a completely free consultation so that he can assess the condition of your eyebrows and provide you with the appropriate advice.

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