Bay Area Women And Hair Transplant Options

It’s ironic that men are “more concerned” about hair loss and at the same time it is more “socially acceptable” for men to have a hair transplant than for women.

Yet it is not only men who suffer hair loss – women have the same problem too. However, the thought of women having a hair transplant is socially UN-acceptable to many people, which is indicative of some of the biased ideas of the 21st century. It’s “OK” for men but not “OK” for women. Isn’t that ridiculous?

We All Want Good-Looking Hair

Let’s face it: male or female, we all want to look our best, especially here in the affluent San Francisco Bay Area. That includes the clothes we wear, the shoes we buy, and – yes – our hairstyles. When we were younger, with a full head of hair, we were able to play around with different hairstyles, following the latest fashion trends – bob, full length, straight, curls – whatever took our fancy. However, as time passes and many of us begin to lose hair transplant for womenour hair we can no longer do that.

Sure, we can still buy the latest fashion clothes and shoes, but we can’t style hair that we haven’t got. Probably the worst aspect is that it makes us look old, and that makes us FEEL old. We look in the mirror and realize that time is passing us by. We’re on the home straight.

This is why San Francisco Bay Area hair transplant for women is such an important option. If we can regrow the hair we had in our youth it doesn’t just make us look better: it makes us FEEL better, and that is probably the most important aspect. When we feel good, we’re also automatically happy, and happy is what everyone wants to be. We don’t know anyone who longs to be unhappy!


Take a look at many of the older Hollywood movie stars and actresses. Do you seriously suppose that those women have still got their original hair? We don’t know for certain, but it seems pretty unlikely when you look at their voluptuous tresses. Whether they’ve undergone a hair transplant for women we don’t know, but it might have been anywhere.

The point is that if you are of a certain age and your hair is beginning to thin you don’t have to put up with it. There is an answer, and it’s a San Francisco Bay Area hair transplant for women.

One of the top surgeons for hair restoration in the Bay Area is Dr Miguel Canales. His office is not in San Francisco but in Foster City, California. Dr Canales is one of the world’s leading hair transplant surgeons and he has been practicing for over 30 years. He is always happy to offer a completely free consult and to advise on the various options that women have for hair transplantation. Call his office now for your free consult with no obligation.

Bay Area Women And Hair Transplant Options
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