Cost Factors Affecting How Much a Hair Transplant Costs in San Francisco

Cost Factors Affecting How Much a Hair Transplant Costs in San Francisco

It is a fact of life that very many people suffer from hair loss. Indeed, it is estimated that some 40% of people at age 40 are suffering from some hair loss, and this increases rapidly with age. If you stop to think about it, consider the number of people you know personally who suffer from it, or just walk down any street and take note. If one of those people happens to be you, then one consideration is that you are by no means loss

However, that by itself is no consolation. So, as a result, many sufferers consider the possibility of hair restoration. This is something that 60 years ago was simply not possible. The very first hair transplant was back in the 1950’s and it took time for the skills and expertise to be developed to the point at which it is today. Heck – we even have hair transplants that can be done by a robot now! But back in the day, hair loss was something that you had to put up with.

It is also true today that some people just shrug their shoulders and regard hair loss as “just one of those things”. But for others it is a big problem. So they go online looking at Bay Area hair restoration cost.

But it is not just the actual Bay Area hair restoration cost itself, although that is not inconsiderable. A hair transplant is never going to be “cheap” – as in a couple of hundred dollars. But there is also the cost of traffic, consultation, time, and so on.

There Is Also One Other Very Big “Cost”

But then there is also one very big “cost” that cannot be measured in dollars, and that is the embarrassment cost. While some people just accept it as a fact, for many people it is extremely embarrassing to have thinning hair, and it can have an effect on self-confidence which is nothing short of devastating. Some people get to the point where they feel so embarrassed that they don’t even want to leave the house.

At Silicon Valley Hair Institute, we totally understand that. A major part of our job is the restoration of confidence so that you can feel happy to go out and meet your friends, go to work, and in fact go anywhere, in the knowledge that you look great! To see that hair growing back where a few weeks ago it was bald is something that many people would give their eye teeth for.

That is what we can do for you at Silicon Valley Hair Institute. Of course, we will also give you a complete Bay Area hair restoration cost that is fixed – no “extras” – when you have your consultation. That can now be done online – and it’s free!

Book yours by clicking on the Online Consult link at the top of the page.

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