It Is an Unfortunate Fact That Men (and Women) Go Bald, but Today We Can Fix That

It Is an Unfortunate Fact That Men (and Women) Go Bald, but Today We Can Fix That

San Francisco is a city that cares about how you look and feel. Your hair is an important part of that. Many men, and quite a few women, go prematurely bald. A hair transplant can solve the problem of baldness for men and women here in the Bay AreaFortunately, you have many hair transplant options these days, from drug therapies to surgical options for San Francisco hair restoration.

Some men actually don’t worry at all about going bald. They just view it as a part of life and something that happens, and it doesn’t worry them in the least. However, it also has to be said that some men find it very embarrassing, because, among other things, it can make them look older than they are. Most women who suffer from thinning hair are also embarrassed about it. In some respects, it can be as embarrassing as, say, losing all your front teeth.

You Need To Come To Foster City for Your Hair Loss

If you are in the category of those who feel embarrassed about how it makes them look, then you need San Francisco hair restoration, but you need to come to Foster City for it. This is where you will find Silicon Valley Hair Institute which is run by Dr Miguel Canales. He is the man who led the team which invented the ARTAS robotic method of hair transplantation when he was the Medical Director of Restoration Robotics over a period of ten years. Indeed, his name is on some 11 patents relating to the ARTAS robot, so you could hardly be in better hands. Not only did he invent it, but he has traveled the world showing other hair restoration surgeons how to use it.

There are many advantages to the ARTAS robotic hair transplant method, not the least of which is its’ accuracy. Instead of the surgeon removing a strip of hair at the back of your head to use as transplants, the robot selects tiny groups of between one and four hair follicles for transplantation. This means that you are not left with a visible scar at the back of your head as you are with a manual transplant, so you can wear your hair short if you wish to.

The robot inserts the hair follicles into the recipient area at exactly the same elevation, angle, and direction of any existing hairs in the area, which makes for a totally natural look. It also inserts the transplant follicles next to existing hairs without damaging them.

There are many other benefits to a robotic hair transplant, so if you are looking for San Francisco hair restoration, then either drive down to Foster City, take an Uber, or hop on Caltrain.

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