Choosing a Bay Area Hair Transplant Specialist: Some Thoughts

We’re not in San Francisco proper. We’re in Foster City, but we serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area, from San Francisco in the North to San Jose in the South (to Oakland in the East Bay). We see a lot of patients, and are very familiar with the research involved in understanding hair loss, and the journey that people make from first realizing that they suffer from hair loss, to researching possible treatments and therapy, to the final decision that “they’re worth it,” and taking action to a modern, surgical treatment of hair loss.

Hair Transplant Specialist
We specialize in robotic hair transplantation. That’s what we do. There’s something to be said for specializing, isn’t there? When you have a BMW, you go to the BMW mechanic (not the guy down the street, and not the general mechanic). When you have a Lexus, you do the same. If your $5,000 plasma TV breaks, you’ll usually investigate who really knows and works on plasma TV’s vs. the guy who just does a few, now and then.

High Value: High Skills: High Cost?

If something is high value, if something takes special skills, we often go to a specialist, no? If something is low value, not so much. If, for example, you need your lawn mowed, or your garden gardened… you might choose a more generalist, and that’s fine. When something is low value, or so understood that nearly anyone can do it, it’s OK to go to a generalist, and it’s OK to be sensitive about price. You don’t want to pay “too much” to have your car washed, or your lawn mowed: it’s not that complex, first of all, and it “grows back” (in the case of your lawn), or gets dirty again (in the case of your car).

Hair Transplant Specialists and the San Francisco Bay Area

Hair loss isn’t the same thing. It’s high value: it’s your head. You’ll carry it around all the time. It makes impressions on other people: let’s face it, people judge superficially whether we like to admit that, or not. And it impacts our self image. If you look great, you often feel great. And if you don’t look so great, you don’t feel so great. Your hair is important to you. Now, not just anyone can do hair transplant surgery. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’re lucky that there are a few specialty clinics (we’re among them). But still, some people go to surgeons who only occasionally do hair transplant surgery, whether FUT hair transplant or FUE hair transplant. To non-specialists. Can they do “hair transplantation?” Perhaps. Are they specialists? Decidedly not.

If your hair really matters to you, if you realize that your hair transplant surgery is a one-time affair (nearly always)… it’s worth researching and finding one of the top-rated hair specialists in the Bay Area. Give us a call, come in for a free consult with a true hair transplant specialist, and you’ll be glad you did. Whether you are in San Francisco, or elsewhere in the Bay Area, our offices are convenient.

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