When Considering A Hair Transplant You Need A Bay Area Specialist

When Considering A Hair Transplant You Need A Bay Area Specialist

In very many walks of life there are people who carry out a whole range of different services, while others specialize in just one area. It follows that in general you will get a better result if you use a specialist than a “jack of all trades”. A hair transplant specialist in the Bay Area.

For example, if you own a Lamborghini you probably wouldn’t take it to Joe’s Garage down the road for its’ regular service: you would take it to a Lamborghini dealer. Similarly, if you need a new water heater installed you would call in a plumber rather than a general builder.

So it is with hair transplantation. There are some cosmetic surgeons who also undertake hair transplants. Then there are Bay Area hair transplant specialists such as Dr Miguel Canales who has an office in Foster City. Dr Canales does not undertake face-lifts because he simply specializes in hair transplants.

When we say “simply” we don’t mean that what he does is easy. Far from it. We mean that he does nothing other than hair transplants because he is a specialist in that area. From your point of view, using Bay Area hair transplant specialists such as Dr Canales is much the same as taking your Lamborghini to the main dealer. You don’t really want a “jack of all trades” when it comes to something as important as your hair transplant because you want the end result to be the best it possibly can be.

ARTAS Robotic System for Hair Restoration

Dr Canales uses the ARTAS robotic system of hair restoration for a number of very good reasons. He led the team which developed the ARTAS system and his name is recorded on more than 11 patents in connection with it. The robotic system, combined with artificial intelligence, carries out extremely accurate hair transplantation and it also leaves no visible scarring in the donor area. It can place the hair so that it exactly matches the direction, angle, and elevation of any existing hair in the recipient area which produces the overall finest result.

Since there is no scarring after the procedure the hair can be worn short if so desired, and the patient can also go straight back to work and undertake any strenuous physical activities without needing a long recovery period that is required with manual strip surgery.

It simply makes sense to use the top Bay Area hair transplant specialist rather than someone for whom hair transplantation is just one of a number of different services offered. With Dr Canales you know that you will get the right result.

Dr Canales also offers all patients a totally free consult when he can answer all your questions about the ARTAS robotic procedure. Just click on the Free Consult link at the top of the page to make your appointment.

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