Hair Transplant Terminology Can Be Very Confusing

Hair Transplant Terminology Can Be Very Confusing

The terminology used by the hair transplant industry can be extremely confusing for the layman. Terms such as FUE, ARTAS, and robotics are thrown about like confetti. What’s the difference between an FUE vs. ARTAS hair transplant anyway?Confusion around hair transplant terminology.

Guess what? There isn’t any difference. They all mean the same thing. Yes – robotics, ARTAS, and FUE all refer to the hair transplant procedure that is carried out under the control of artificial intelligence using a computer guiding a robotic arm to harvest follicular units of hair from the donor area at the back of the head and transplant them to the recipient bald area. While we are at it, there’s another one: follicular units. Very simply, that means groups of between one and four hairs.

FUE vs. ARTAS hair transplant? What’s in a name really? You can book either one but you will still get exactly the same treatment. The beauty of using robotics is that you will get a far better overall result than you could ever get manually, and it will take less time.

How is that? Well, to begin with, if you are having a manual (FUT) transplant (yes, here we go again!) it is being carried out by a human being repeating the same procedure over and over again. No matter how skilled the surgeon, he can get tired and errors can creep in. A robot doesn’t get tired – it just carries on all day if necessary. It doesn’t need to stop for a lunch break, either.

No Stitches Or Visible Scar – the Advantages of ARTAS Hair Transplantation

Furthermore, a manual transplant requires removal of a strip of hair from the donor site at the back of the head, which is then closed up with stitches. With the robotic procedure this is unnecessary so there is no visible scar left after surgery. In turn, that means that you can wear your hair shorter after a robotic transplant if you wish, because you don’t need to cover a scar.

Robotic transplants are also quicker than manual transplants. If less than 2,500 follicular units are required for the procedure it can usually be done in one day. More than that, may be done over two days.

In addition, the robotic transplant involves less pain and discomfort, the patient usually requiring only ibuprofen instead of narcotics. Furthermore, if you are of an athletic persuasion you can return to your sport within one or two days, rather than having to take a longer rest break with a manual procedure.

So, an FUE vs. ARTAS hair transplant. Which is it to be? Now that you know they are the same thing all you need to do is to book an appointment in order to have all your questions answered. Dr. Canales, our Medical Director, offers all patients a completely free consultation. You can book one by phoning the office on 650-638-1226 or email

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