If You Want a Bay Area Hair Transplant, Foster City is an Easy ‘Commute’

If You Want a Bay Area Hair Transplant, Foster City is an Easy ‘Commute’

The Bay Area has a “rivalry” of sorts between San Francisco and San Jose. The former is the cultural center, to be sure, and has a bit of an attitude, a bit of “this is the best place on earth to live, and if you don’t agree…..!” Silicon Valley Hair Institute is in Foster City.San Jose on the other hand is more practical, less flashy, but actually a bigger, and in many ways more vibrant, city, especially when it comes to tech.

However, when it comes to hair transplants, there’s a new contender: Foster City. We’re right in the middle, so to speak, between these two Bay Area giants making it an “easy commute” for your hair transplant appointments. For San Francisco vs. San Jose hair transplants, your best bet is Silicon Valley Hair Institute in Foster City in both cases. Not only that, it’s no great distance from either one. Just half an hour in the car.

At Silicon Valley Hair Institute, we offer the ARTAS robotic method of hair transplants which has a huge number of advantages over a manual hair transplant. Not only that, our doctor, Dr Miguel Canales, was the man who led the team that invented the ARTAS robot. For ten years he was Medical Director of Restoration Robotics Inc and as a result his name is on 11 patents that form the basis of the whole robotic procedure. It is fair to say that there is nobody in the world who knows more about robotic hair transplant than Dr Canales.

Meet In The Middle! Get Your Bay Area Hair Transplant in Foster City!

When it comes to San Francisco vs. San Jose hair transplants you need to meet in the middle! When you have a manual hair transplant, the surgeon will remove a strip of hair at the back of your head, and this is then divided up into follicular units of between one and four hairs. Unfortunately, when the strip of hair is removed it leaves a wound which heals but leaves a visible scar. This is not too much of a problem if you wear your hair long as you can cover up the scar. However, if you want to wear your hair short, which many men do, then the scar is always going to be visible.

The ARTAS robotic procedure simply removes one hair at a time rather than a strip. This leaves an exceedingly tiny wound which heals and is not visible even if you do wear your hair short.

There are lots of other benefits too, such as the fact that you don’t need to take time off work to recover, and there is far less pain – if any – after the anesthetic wears off.

For San Francisco vs. San Jose hair transplants, come and talk to Dr Canales. He offers all patients a free consult which you can get by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

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