You Have Only One Head, and Only Your Hair – a Hair Transplant Specialist Might Help

You Have Only One Head, and Only Your Hair – a Hair Transplant Specialist Might Help

“Googlers” who are looking for a hair graft the Bay Area often search for the lowest cost hair grafts. That is, to some extent, understandable, but there are two issues with this. The first is that, while cost is a factor, it should by no means be the only metric, because the most important factor is the skills of the person who performs the hair graft. Do you want a cheap hair graft, or do you want the best hair graft? Obviously, you want the best hair graft in the Bay Area.

Other people might search for a hair graft in the Bay Area by city, but that is wrong too. Again, you don’t want the nearest hair transplant surgeon – you want the best.

That is why people who are in the know, and who are looking for a hair graft in the Bay Area search instead for Dr Miguel Canales whose reputation spreads far and wide and is not just restricted to the Bay Area.Hair Transplant Specialist

There are some very good reasons for this, not the least of which is that for ten years Dr Canales was the Medical Director of Restoration Robotics Inc., which is the company that invented the ARTAS robotic hair transplant machine. Dr Canales actually led the team which invented and perfected it, and his name is on no less than eleven patents for it.

He Knows More Than Anyone In The World About Hair Grafts

It follows that Dr Canales knows more than anyone in the world about the ARTAS robotic method of hair grafts. Indeed, he has visited many countries teaching other hair transplant surgeons how to use it. Today, Dr Canales is Chief Medical Officer of Silicon Valley Hair Institute with an office in Foster City and another in Palo Alto. This is where you need to be if you want the best hair transplant in the Bay Area.

There are so many advantages to the ARTAS robotic system of hair transplantation. Not the least of these is that the system leaves no visible scar on the back of the head. When you have a manual transplant, the surgeon will remove a strip of hair from the back of your head which is then divided into pieces containing between one and four hair follicles to be transplanted. Unfortunately, this process leaves a scar at the back of your head, which means that, unless you want everyone to know that you had a hair transplant, you can’t wear your hair short. The ARTAS robot, on the other hand, transplants tiny follicles individually, and this leaves no visible scarring at all. That means that you can wear your hair in any fashion that you wish.

Dr Canales offers all patients a completely free consult which you can have by coming into the office, or if you prefer, online through Skype. Click on one of the links at the top of the page to book yours.

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